“UNV’s and PDA’s partnership began in 2007. Over the years, PDA have been a valued partner in supplying design, print and services (also provided editing and translating services where the work required). The company provide excellent client orientation, PDA’s team being always ready to go the extra mile for quality and timely service delivery. Finally, Collaboration with PDA is smooth and effective.”

UnvMarc Wharton, Procurement Associate, UN Volunteers.

”ECA has a long tradition of working with Phoenix Design Aid as captured in its Long Term Agreement penned down in 1998 and the Commission has since valued their services as its trusted partner. Indeed, Phoenix Design Aid has never failed to provide high-level quality graphic solutions to the various service requests of the omission even at the expense of the Phoenix Design Aid team having to go the extra mile sometimes in ensuring a timely delivery of the end products.”

Mr. Charles Ndungu, Chief, ECA Printing and Publishing Unit, Publications Section.

Concept Design & Visual Identity

Phoenix Design Aid brings consultancy, creative input and concept refinement to the table when assisting you in the concept design and identity process. Phoenix Design Aid creates a clear expression of the identity or strategic position and its corresponding values.

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Infographics & Illustrations

Phoenix Design Aid's designers develop unique infographics and data visualizations, presenting data and information in an original, accessible and self-explaining manner.

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Graphic Design & Layout

Whether producing a publication or a website, Phoenix Design Aid's graphic designers get the core message across in a noticeable manner. Phoenix Design Aid creates unique styles that will absorb the audience and customize them to match its clients' identities and wishes.

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Editing & Translation

Phoenix Design Aid edits and translates with an aim to communicate your meaning accurately, directly and eloquently. The company's editors and translators combine high-quality with rapid processing time.

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Printing & Distribution

Phoenix Design Aid has detailed knowledge of the possibilities within print-, paper- and binding technologies. The company sees it as its natural obligation to make both its products and printing procedures as eco-friendly as possible.

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Digital, Web & Apps

Phoenix Design Aid offers a comprehensive range of media services, integrating design and implementation with content development for various digital media.

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Video, Animations & Explainers

Phoenix Design Aid manages the full process from pre-production and planning to video production, filming, post-production and video editing. Services include recording voice-overs, hiring actors, adding graphic elements or composing music.

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Exhibitions & Events

Phoenix Design Aid produces graphic materials for commercial exhibitions, trade shows, business meetings and corporate events. Phoenix Design Aid handles event management from installation, maintenance, lighting, audiovisual production and visual effects to dismantling and clean-up.

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Merchandise & Promotions

Phoenix Design Aid produces promotional products used to increase branding and awareness. The company assists its clients in choosing promotional products that best reflect the desired message.

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