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An international design and communications agency with expertise in graphics and digital solutions for the United Nations, the European Union and NGOs.

With a passion for design, Phoenix Design Aid creates graphics and digital solutions for clients across the world. The Phoenix Design Aid team serves as project managers and coordinators in a network of skilled, international partners. This unique constellation allows us to meet client demands for high quality graphic solutions in all languages.

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What makes us different

Phoenix Design Aid holds an impressive range of framework agreements within digital design and print services due to our dedicated efforts within social accountability and transparency.

Sustainable solutions

We have a systematic approach to working with social responsibility through compliance with UN global principles of social and environmental sustainability and a comprehensive range of ISO and FSC standards.

Long Term Agreements

We hold a range of UN & EU LTAs and similar contracts, covering graphic services within digital and printed matters. Most UN agencies are licenced to utilize our LTAs in terms of piggybacking for a smooth and timesaving process.


We support the national association, Transparency International Denmark, in fighting corruption and heightening the integrity of Danish society and business.

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What we do

Concept Design & Visual Identity

We bring consultancy, creative input and concept refinement to the table, when assisting you in the concept design and identity process. We create a clear expression of the identity or strategic position and its corresponding values.

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Infographics & illustrations

Our designers develop unique infographics and data visualizations, presenting data and information in an original, accessible and self-explaining manner.

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Graphic Design & Layout

Whether producing a publication or a website, our graphic designers get the core message across in a noticeable manner. We create unique styles that will absorb the audience, and customize them to match our clients' identity and wishes.

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Editing & Translation

We edit and translate with an aim to communicate your meaning accurately, directly, and eloquently. Our editors and translators combine high quality with rapid processing time.

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Printing & Distribution

We have detailed knowledge of the possibilities within print-, paper- and binding technologies. We see it as our natural obligation to make both our products and printing procedures as eco-friendly as possible.

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Digital, Web & Apps

We offer a comprehensive range of media services, integrating design and implementation with content development for various digital media.

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Video, Animations & Explainers

We manage the full process from pre-production and planning, to video production, filming, post-production and video editing. Services include recording voice-overs, hiring actors, adding graphic elements and composing music.

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Exhibitions & Events

We produce graphic materials for commercial exhibitions, trade shows, business meetings, and corporate events. We handle event-management from installation, maintenance, lighting, audiovisual production and visual effects to dismantling and clean up.

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Merchandise & Promotions

We produce promotional products, used to increase branding and awareness. We assist our clients in choosing promotional products that best reflect the desired message.

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Our team

Our team