A guidance in choosing eco-friendly paper qualities

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PDAid has developed an eco-friendly Paper Guide in collaboration with our printing partner with the intention to accommodate customer’s wishes and give a hands-on experience of the most commonly chosen paper types. The Paper Guide will assist customers in choosing the best suitable and environmentally friendly paper types for each assignment. We always consider the environment, and guarantees that the Paper Guide provides a variety of environmentally friendly paper types and eco-labelling.

Choosing eco-labeled paper can make an impact
The Paper Guide contains a wide range of environmentally friendly paper qualities that ensures accurate information, advice and guidance to customers in choosing environment-friendly paper. Also concerning the utility and durability of the various paper types. The production of eco-labeled paper is subject to strict environmental requirements, while at the same time maintaining high quality. Besides guidance in choosing eco-friendly paper qualities, the purpose of the Paper Guide is to provide useful information that will be timesaving and convenient in customer’s selection of paper types.

Accommodating customer wishes

The Paper Guide will be distributed and presented to 30 customers throughout 2015-2016, who will be guided in how to use it through relevant projects. This will act as an indirect change of behavior for customers, who has not previously been aware of the importance of choosing environmentally correct paper.

Get involved
Are you interested in receiving a Paper Guide? Please, do not hesitate to take contact either via info@phoenixdesignaid.com or through phone at +45 8710 0089.