About theProject


Annual report and infographics.


Concept and graphic design, layout, artwork, infographics design and illustration.


Every year, Spotlight Initiative publishes an annual report, which highlights and showcases the progress of the initiative to its partners. For the third consecutive year, Phoenix Design Aid again had the pleasure of designing the 2022 report.

The report’s design, with its round shapes and strong and vibrant colors, was developed to effectively support the empowerment of women and girls by conveying positive emotions, promoting inclusivity and unity, grabbing attention and establishing an emotional connection, while color symbolism is used to reinforce the message of regeneration and growth.

The use of strong and vibrant colors can evoke powerful emotions and associations. The dynamic colors demand attention – individually but even more so collectively – ensuring the message is delivered effectively. In addition, they support the communication of the urgency and significance of protecting and assisting women and girls, which includes both individual and societal changes.