UNCDF – The Blue Peace Financing Initiative Branding and Promotional Materials

Graphic Design & Layout Concept Design & Visual Identity Editing & Translation Reports Animated video Infographic

About theProject


Brand/visual identity, communication materials, edited content, report, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, animated video, infographics and stock footage / photo research.


Brand/visual identity, concept design, graphic design and layout, illustration and infographics, brochure and report design, event materials, factsheets, flyers and briefs, photo research, PowerPoint Design and video production (editing, graphics, scripting, storyboarding and animation).


The Blue Peace Financing Initiative works to promote access to capital for non-sovereign entities by using water as an entry point for multi-stakeholder cooperation frameworks, leading to more sustainable economies and peaceful societies (a peace dividend).

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) needed both edited content and design of a series of promotional products to be used at events, meeting, presentations and to reach an international target audience. Phoenix Design Aid was therefore assigned to concept a series of materials that more firmly established the Blue Peace brand, and with the directive to do so in a way the conveyed a message of professionalism amongst an international finance-savvy audience.

For this project, Phoenix Design Aid edited and designed two brochures, a PowerPoint presentation, animated video, infographics and maps, a progress report as well as a small visual identity guide, demonstrating proficiencies in editing, graphic design and video production: editing, brand guidelines, PowerPoint templates, report concepting and design, video animation and illustration, infographic design,  map design.

Please watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h3a-w3PrN0&t=1s