UNDP Panama book “Cosmopolitan Panama
– The 1916 Exposition and its Legacy”

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Multiple author book.


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“Cosmopolitan Panama – The 1916 Exposition and its Legacy” book is the second publication of the project Library 500 Years – one of the activities of Panamá’s town hall program to celebrate the 500 years of the City. The book focuses on the old neighborhood of La Exposición and one of the most important episodes of the republic of Panama: the Panama National Exposition. The neighborhood is located in Calidonia, which is undergoing a historical transformation that aims to revitalize its urban environment through strong community and citizen participation.

The overall aim is to highlight the diversity and the unique character of an area of fundamental significance to Panama City. The texts gathered throughout the book provide the reader with historical, architectural, spatial, symbolic, cultural, and social reasons that account for this indisputable fact.