CIEPS – Pioneers of Science Project

Graphic Design & Layout Illustration Editing & Translation

About theProject


Personalized illustrations, biography publication, storybook, editing of both publications.


Creative concept, illustration, design, layout and editing.


“Pioneers of Science” is a biographical research project that arises from the need to make visible and recognize Panamanian women scientists and their contributions to the development of science in the country. The project collects the names of the first Panamanian scientists, their personal stories, contributions as well as the difficulties they faced being the first in their various branches.

“Pioneers of Science” is developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers linked to CIEPS (International Center for Political and Social Studies) and financed by SENACYT (National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of Panama).

Phoenix Design Aid was assigned to edit and design for two publications, a biographic publication and a storybook for the Pioneers of Science project. Phoenix Design Aid started with the editing in Spanish of both publications while working on the illustrations.

The biographic publication is a compilation of the biography of 24 Panamanians scientists, who are pioneers on their field. The personalized on-hand illustrations were based on portraits photos, provided by their family and/or by the scientist. The design and layout integrate the illustrations with photographs that reflect the scientist’s biography.

The storybook included 9 stories that are based on the biography of 9 scientists, selected from the biographic publication. The storybook is aimed at children of 5 to 9 years who are in the early stages of reading. This was a major consideration for the design and layout of the storybook, resulting in the usage of large letters, short paragraphs and illustrations. This publication also included the illustration of the 9 stories.