UNDP Panama – Communication materials on the Kigali Amendment

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About theProject


Visual identity, logo and branding guideline, painting book and a boardgame for children, infographics and scripts.


Brand and visual identity development, concept design and development, graphic design, illustration and infographics, layout and iconography.


Phoenix Design Aid was assigned by UNDP Panama to create a full identity for the Kigali Amendment for the Ozone Unit of the Panama Ministry of Health.

Phoenix Design Aid started this project by making research about the Kigali Amendment to understand how the Panama Ministry of Health wanted to develop the logo and elements that would represent the amendment.

In this case, the Panama Ministry wanted to create a complete identity that included a logo, slogan, color palette, iconography and fonts among other elements. Afterward, the client wanted to work on different products, some dedicated to industry workers, but others to family and children.

Alongside the visual identity, several communication materials were created to help communicate and introduce the Kigali Amendment to various target groups. For members of the industry, Phoenix Design Aid developed two infographics with new content and regulations of the Kigali Amendment in Panama. For families and children in public schools, a painting book and a boardgame were designed.

The graphic design of each material was created to suit the specific target group. For example, the infographics have more technical information about hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), while the material for the children explains the reducing the consumption and production of HFCs at a more educative level by using