About theProject


Brochure, static and animated graphics.


Visual Identity, Concept design, cover illustration, photo research, design of infographics, publication layout, artwork and typesetting.


Phoenix Design Aid has produced various materials to help support the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in the communication about its Compilation and Synthesis (C&S) report 2020. In that regard, Phoenix Design Aid designed a brochure for high-level decision makers that illustrates the key messages of the C&S report, including graphic design of graphs and illustrations.

Moreover, Phoenix Design Aid has produced and designed other content that the client can use to present the report on its website. The content includes, among other things, a video, animated graphics and PDF-files. Each of these materials are guided by the visual identity of the C&S report to create a common look and feel and illustrate the link between each material.