About theProject


Video using a combination of archived footage and graphics.


Concept development, art direction, action script, storyboard, footage research, illustration, artwork, animation, instruction, narration, sound design, sound production and editing.


As a part of the overall communication of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) Compilation and Synthesis (C&S) report 2020, Phoenix Design Aid has produced a video that promotes the key messages of the C&S report.

Based on the client’s concept note and draft script, we developed a video that is built up around a story that showcases how developed countries have committed to leading global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The video consists of historic and contemporary video footage and various animated graphics that illustrate the journey, thus giving the viewer a status of the emission reduction targets for 2020, including both negative and positive impacts.

The interplay between the narration pace, sound and images was of high importance in order to underpin the severity and impacts of actions and decisions in regard to the global emissions. Therefore, particular focus has been granted to the timing between each of these elements in order to make them to fit perfectly with the storytelling of the video.