Danmark as role model: Dr. Auma Obama visits educational institutions in Randers

Photo: Sauti Kuu Foundation.

A number of educational institutions in the Randers area will have a distinguished visitor this week as the founder of the international NGO Sauti Kuu Foundation, Dr. Auma Obama, visits the city. The purpose of the visit is to acquire knowledge and experiences from the Danish teaching model, which will  promote improved teaching in both Kenya and Denmark.

In week 17, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be marked in Randers, and in this connection, the city will host the internationally recognized activist and advocate for social responsibility Dr. Auma Obama. The purpose of the visit is to exchange knowledge and experiences about schools and day care, including the Danish model and the approach to learning. At the same time, the ambition is also to exchange experiences in social work as Dr. Auma Obama is looking for partners related to education of children and young people in Kenya.

The Randers-based organisation PDAid Foundation and Randers Municipality have jointly put together a comprehensive program that includes a number of meetings and visits to selected educational and day care institutions in the area.

Dr. Auma Obama is interested in gaining insight into the Danish teaching model and how teaching in Denmark and Kenya differs from each other, which should help to promote her important work with education in Africa. I am therefore also very happy and proud that we in collaboration with Randers Municipality have succeeded in building an exciting program, says Dennis Lundø Nielsen, who is the founder of the PDAid Foundation and has known Dr. Auma Obama since 2015.

I have had the pleasure of working together with Dr. Auma Obama for seven years in relation to the PDAid Foundation that works to improve living conditions through talent development in developing countries. We do this through both financial assistance, education and mentoring programmes, explains Dennis Lundø Nielsen.

Dr. Auma Obama is also looking forward to the visit, which, she hopes, will result in better education – both in Kenya and in Denmark:

I am very much looking forward to the visit and to learn more about the Danish teaching model. There are strong, pedagogical traditions for learning and development in Denmark, which we would like to be inspired by. When you collaborate, there will certainly also be a mutual exchange of knowledge and methods, says Dr. Auma Obama, referring to the fact that the 17 SDGs are also about building partnerships and exchanging knowledge to promote sustainable development.

During her visit, Auma Obama will talk about her NGO, the Sauti Kuu Foundation, which runs an education center for children and young people in Kenya and also helps young vulnerable women.

Visiting the business community in Randers
Dr. Auma Obama’s program is packed during her visit to Randers. On Wednesday 27 April, Henrik Jørgensen, who is the CEO of Randers FC, will talk about the football club’s work with sustainability, corporate social responsibility and the SDGs. Afterwards, Auma Obama is invited to a formal visit to Randers Regnskov (Randers Rainforest/Tropical Zoo), where she will gain insight into how the place is regularly used in teaching for schools and day care institutions.

On Thursday 28 April, Auma Obama will be officially welcomed by Randers Municipality. During the day, Auma Obama will attend classes at Hobrovejens Skole, visit the day care institution Huset Nyvang and visit Randers Naturcenter (a nature center), which also plays a significant role in children and young people’s nature education. The Mayor Torben Hansen will attend the visit at Hobrovejens Skole while the Chairperson of the Political Committee for Schools and Education Lise-Lotte Leervad Larsen will accompany Dr. Auma Obama the whole day. There is an official dinner on Thursday evening with Mayor Torben Hansen and Lise-Lotte Leervad Larsen.

On Friday 29 April, Dr. Auma Obama will visit VIA University College in Aarhus, where Danish pre-preparatory classes and preschool are in focus. The day ends with Dr. Auma speaking to a number of businesspeople at the Randers SDGs Festival about sustainable business.

About Dr. Auma Obama
Dr. Auma Obama is an internationally recognized activist, sociologist and journalist. She holds a doctorate in philosophy and runs the Sauti Kuu Foundation, which is based in Nairobi and Alego, Kenya. Through the NGO’s program, children between the ages of 4-25 are educated both literary and in relation to creating a future life. Through a close collaboration with the Danish organization PDAid Foundation, the contact with Dr. Auma Obama has been created.

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About the PDAid Foundation
The PDAid Foundation works towards improving local conditions through talent development in disadvantaged communities in Kenya under the motto: “Never give up. Believe in yourself”. Through education, financial assistance and one-on-one mentorships, the foundation supports talented young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to increase their leadership and management skills and become positive change agents at all levels of society. The PDAid Foundation was founded in 2015 by the CEO of Phoenix Design Aid, Dennis Lundoe Nielsen, and Pia Nielsen with the support of the Kilimanjaro Initiative. In 2021, the foundation officially became an association.