CEO, Dennis Lundø Nielsen, appointed ambassador to the city of Randers

CEO at Phoenix Design Aid, Dennis Lundø Nielsen, was appointed ambassador to the city of Randers, Denmark, during an extraordinary event led by City Mayor, Claus Omann Jensen. Dennis Nielsen is humbled and proud to receive the appointment, and will do his utmost to fulfill his role as a passionate advocate of Randers and its environs.

Dennis Nielsen is a proud citizen of Randers – the city in which he was born and raised, and in which he chose to found and situate his company, Phoenix Design Aid. As such, Dennis has always lived out the role as a proud advocate of Randers, which makes it easy for him to fulfill his new role as ambassador to the city.

Ambassador role is what you make of it
Dennis Nielsen and everyone else enrolled in the corps of ambassadors have agreed to promote Randers as the vibrant city surrounded by equally divine areas they find it to be. That said it is totally up to each individual ambassador exactly how to go about it. Along with the appointment the ambassadors have all been equipped with various material, including the book “Love it or leave it – Randers roundtrip” describing Pie Lerche’s charming declaration of love to Randers and its people; pins with the inscription “Randers”; and a bunch of material, including a film on the new city brand, photos, logos and design templates.

Dennis Lundø Nielsen looks very much forward to continue advocating the greatness of Randers and its environs in his new role as ambassador.

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