PDAid Foundation starts the educational journey of its first two mentees

This fall, two Kenyan youth from dis-advantaged communities enter the support program of newly established PDAid Foundation. Through scholarships and mentorships, the PDAid Foundation will support Bentamegan Pritie and John Senteu to become positive agents of change within corporate and societal management.

This October, John will participate in a course in management, which he believes will get him closer to his goal of creating a sustainable business in his local neighborhood. Yet, John has further aspirations for his future, namely to “become a community health worker”. John further states: “due to the poor standards of living from my people, it has urged me to have an ambition of at least bringing my community to a better level.” John’s aspirations and dreams for the future is a perfect match to the vison of the PDAid Foundation.

Bentamegan feels “honored and privileged to be a part of this amazing foundation”, and that she is very excited about finally getting a chance to change her life when starting her education within psychological counseling. She said:

I have had the most terrible young life, with little support. I want to assist young women and men who have to overcome hardships so that they can have a better life and contribute more towards our society.

As a symbol of engagement in the PDAid Foundation, both John and Bentamegan will receive a ‘Mandela Bangle’. The purpose of the Bangle initiative is to generate funds for the cause of HIV and AIDS while helping the ones who suffer from it during the process. The funds generated from the project are allocated to build school libraries for junior schools in South Africa, thus teaching the children that they have the possibility to get an education and thereby change their future. The Bangle therefore symbolizes the pure essence of the PDAid Foundation, and reminds the mentees to keep their spirits up and to pursue their future.

Feel free to engage in the two mentees’ educational journey through the PDAid Foundation website and its Facebook page.