Phoenix Design Aid acquires Spanish IT company

Phoenix Design Aid has acquired the Spanish IT company, The Byte Flow. The decision has been made to further upscale Phoenix Design Aid’s subsidiary in Spain and competencies in order to follow the development in the digital world.

Phoenix Design Aid delivers a wide range of digital services, such as websites, microsites, CMS, digital design, information architecture, UI/UX, development, maintenance, etc. The company is experiencing increasing development within digitalization and technology and has therefore decided to further upscale its subsidiary in Spain.

Phoenix Design Aid is upscaling its subsidiary in Spain by acquiring the Spanish IT company, The Byte Flow, based in Valencia, in order to further develop Phoenix Design Aid’s competencies and follow the continuously increasing demand for specialized digital solutions from the company’s customers.

“We have worked closely together for many years and thus know the company’s competencies and values. Based on this experience, we are confident that this acquisition will be an important addition to Phoenix Design Aid’s specialized competences in digital design and communication solutions,” said Dennis Lundoe Nielsen, CEO of Phoenix Design Aid.

Over the past three years, Phoenix Design Aid has grown from approximately 25 employees to around 50 employees today distributed at the company’s head office in Denmark, subsidiaries in Kenya, Panama and Spain as well as a large number of representative offices, including 10 new back-end and front-end developers as well as engineers in Valencia.

With the acquisition, Phoenix Design Aid cements its position as a leading digital UX and Drupal development agency focused on digital solutions that engages its users through intelligent design, technical innovation and data-driven personalized experiences.

“The development within digital solutions is moving extremely fast, and the demands for complex platforms from, for example, the United Nations, the European Union and NGOs are constantly increasing. Therefore, there is a need for Phoenix Design Aid to constantly try to develop new, specialized competencies within the company. With this addition, we believe that we are even better equipped to continue to ensure the exceptional quality that Phoenix Design Aid is known for among our customers,” said Dennis Lundoe Nielsen.