Phoenix Design Aid Kenya: Two new local hires to help strengthen development in the African region

In June 2023, Phoenix Design Aid hired two new employees to its subsidiary in Nairobi, Kenya. After almost three years of managing all operational tasks from its headquarters in Denmark, the company looks forward to moving many of its operations back to Kenya.

For approximately three years, Phoenix Design Aid’s subsidiary in Nairobi, Kenya, has been managed from Denmark, including business operations and projects. In June 2023, Phoenix Design Aid hired two new local employees in an effort to enhance local development and will now shift many of its operations back to Kenya.

Phoenix Design Aid has been waiting for the COVID-19 restrictions to ease and has used the intervening time to conduct research and refine its plan to employ two new local professionals for the office, as part of its broader business strategy to bolster its presence in the African region, among other things.

While the Nairobi office was managed remotely, Phoenix Design Aid maintained collaboration with its local partners. According to the CEO of Phoenix Design Aid, Dennis Lundoe Nielsen, the addition of two local employees will contribute to further strengthening and supporting African region development.

I am very excited about bringing two new hires to our subsidiary in Kenya. We look forward to strengthening the company’s local development, which is something that we value very much. I am especially excited for the office in Kenya to support our sustainability journey and work with the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Dennis Lundoe Nielsen, CEO of Phoenix Design Aid.

The primary tasks for the newly appointed employees will involve facilitating the relocation of operational responsibilities to Kenya and expanding business development initiatives in the region.

Two new profiles
The two new hires for Phoenix Design Aid’s subsidiary in Kenya will, among other things, help move many operational tasks back to Kenya to enable closer partnerships with Phoenix Design Aid’s clients and partners.

In June 2023, Phoenix Design Aid welcomed a part-time Regional Director for Africa and a full-time Office Manager, both based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Regional Director for Africa is Charles Ndungu. He will be responsible for assisting the CEO in setting the strategic direction for the office, managing administration and staff-related matters, overseeing and supporting project management and tender writing, and working on sales and business development activities.

Charles has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and 22 years of experience working with the United Nations within publishing and conference management. He was born and raised in Kenya.

The Office Manager is Wilbient Chepngetich. She will primarily be responsible for project management and business development tasks, such as writing tenders, managing projects, networking with local partners and clients and working on sales, branding and business development activities to raise the profile of Phoenix Design Aid Kenya and its office in Nairobi.

Wilbient has a bachelor’s degree in media and communication studies and holds a postgraduate diploma in project management. Wilbient’s former professional working experience has provided her with knowledge and skills within areas such as business development, marketing, partnership and network development, project management, research and much more. Wilbient is also born and raised in Kenya.

Phoenix Design Aid looks forward to working together with Charles and Wilbient on strengthening the company’s subsidiary in Nairobi, Kenya.

Charles And Wilbient Smallersize

Charles Ndungu and Wilbient Chepngetich. Photocredit: Lars Jørgensen.