Phoenix Design Aid launches partnership with United Nations to support achievement of the 17 sustainable development goals


Here, Marina Ponti, Global Director for the UN SDG Action Campaign and Dennis Lundø Nielsen, CEO of Phoenix Design Aid sign the contract in Bonn, Germany. Photo: Filippo Fortis.

Phoenix Design Aid has entered into an agreement with the Bonn-based UN SDG Action Campaign to support the achievement of the 17 goals through advocacy for action.

Bonn, Germany – 4 May 2019:  Recognizing that partnerships across all sectors of society will be necessary to realize the vision of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, the Danish design agency Phoenix Design Aid signed an agreement with the UN SDG Action Campaign to enhance the visibility of the SDGs through sustainable merchandise and tailored events.

Partnership for the goals
The official partnership agreement was signed in Bonn by Marina Ponti, Global Director of UN SDG Action Campaign and Dennis Lundø Nielsen, CEO of Phoenix Design Aid. The main purpose of the agreement is to strengthen the collaboration between the two parties in order for them to reach their common goal of supporting the achievement of the SDGs through advocacy efforts. In practice, Phoenix Design Aid will facilitate the design and production of SDG merchandise products, exhibitions and events.

“I am really looking forward to taking action on this partnership,” says Dennis Lundø Nielsen. “The goals have been at the core of Phoenix’s DNA since our beginning.  Before the SDGs, we aligned our business processes with the Millennium Development Goals.  Being completely synchronized with the UN and its agencies, funds and programmes is not just our business model; it is what we believe in.”

Action Campaign Team
Here are the UN SDG– and Phoenix Design Aid– teams in front of PDAids booth in Bonn, Germany.  Photo: Filippo Fortis

Under the agreement, Phoenix Design Aid will offer graphic and digital media services over the next two years to support exhibition and event services and merchandise products for the UN SDG. The services are geared to help raise awareness of and support for the UN SDG Action Campaign. Examples of SDG-branded merchandise include t-shirts, clips, caps, pins, bottles etc. and much more in the future.