Phoenix Design Aid supports the non-profit project Be My Eyes

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Phoenix Design Aid provides economic support to the team behind the non-profit project Be My Eyes, enabling the project team to attend the SCALEit + SXSW accelerator programme in Silicon Valley, California, 7-19 March 2015 – a start-up accelerator programme aimed towards entrepreneurs in Denmark.

The non-profit app Be My Eyes connects blind people with a community of normal sighted volunteer helpers from around the world. Both parties download the app, which enables the volunteers to help the blind people see via live video chat.

Should a blind person experience a challenge that he/she needs help with, the blind person simply requests assistance in the Be My Eyes app. The volunteer then receives a notification for help and a live video connection is established. From the live video, the volunteer can help the blind person by helping with the challenge in question.

Be My Eyes is a non-profit based project, and primarily driven by volunteers.
For more information about the Be My Eyes project, please visit their website:

The Be My Eyes app launched mid-January 2015, and has more than 160.000 sighted volunteers from all around the world, helping more than 16.000 blind through more than 55.000 calls.