AGRA – Photography and Video on Regenerative Agriculture and the VBA Business Model

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About theProject


Documentary photography and video.


Photo assignment, photo research, video editing, video scripting, video storyboarding, visual media production, interviewing, documentary and production.


Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is a farmer-centered, African-led and partnerships-driven institution that works to transform Africa’s smallholder farming from a solitary struggle to survive to businesses that thrive, with the goal of increasing incomes and improve food security for 30 million smallholder farm households in 11 African countries.

Phoenix Design Aid was assigned to capture imagery and produce an informational video, highlighting the benefits of the Regenerative Agriculture & the VBA Business Model. It required our locally assigned crew to coordinate with the client around objectives, interview questions and locations during pre-production, while also developing a script targeted towards donors and other stakeholders.

Over the course of a short production period, we traveled across Makueni County, Kenya to capture the appropriate footage to tell a story about local farmers who have adapted a business model that enhances their productivity and contributes to their small-business success. Aesthetically pleasing, contextually engaging and edited with a refined eye, this video communicates its intended message to the target audience in a clear and informative way.

Watch the video here: