UNDP – Human Development Report 2023/2024 Video

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About theProject


Animated explainer video.


Script consultancy, visual concept, footage research, storyboard illustration, animation and sound design.


Together with the UNDP Human Development Report Office (HDRO), Phoenix Design Aid have created an explainer video informing of the key issues revealed in the Human Development Report 2023/2024. The video was used in the official launch of the report and on social media.

Based on a script provided by the HDRO our designers created a visual concept and developed an engaging collage-style video composed of a mix of photography, footage, motion graphics and animated data visualizations pulled from the report. As often, when finalizing reports with such comprehensive analyses, finalizing the main messages are work in progress until the very end and thus producing accompanying videos requires flexibility from the design team to adjust the product in real-time and to work under a tight schedule.

Explainer videos are a great way to visually capture information in a simple and engaging way that can be used across various platforms. Phoenix Design Aid has a great record of developing videos intended to engage and inspire the audience and to outline the key issues to inform policymakers, academics, and the general public about the social and sustainable development progress worldwide.