Cities Alliance Brussels – Cities and Migration Programme

Graphic Design & Layout Concept Design & Visual Identity Infographics & Illustrations Reports

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Concept and graphic design, publication layout, infographics design and artwork, illustration and iconography, photo research and editing.


In March 2022, the Cities and Migration Programme within Cities Alliance contracted Phoenix Design Aid to develop a visual identity and graphic design for a series of knowledge materials on migration in secondary cities in Africa which it had finalized up to the conclusion of the programmes first operating phase.

Based on the established Cities Alliances graphic guidelines, we identified a color palette, created a purpose inspired modular graphic element and developed a powerful page layout driven by use of bulky typography and solid colored text panels. Together with contrasting use of white space and attention to balance, the style both insists on the attention to key messages and offer a space for absorbing the content. Additionally, the use of iconography was embedded to help sort and set off the different topics, and finally the design was also aligned to match a brand-new set of photographs, taken by photographer Sean Carter, which has added a visual context to the content.

The series consisted of papers with research, case studies, analysis and recommendations on topics – such as urban expansion, governance, digitalization, labor market and circular economy. In total, we designed 768 pages across 21 documents during a 3-month period.

Cities Alliance is a UNOPS hosted global partnership that fights urban poverty and supports cities to deliver sustainable development.