About theProject


Coffee table book on the Multiverse of Women in the IGAD Region.


Graphic and concept design, photo research, layout, editing, research on received material, printing and delivery.


Phoenix Design Aid has produced a coffee table book for the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) that covers the perspective of the intersectionality of women in relation to land and productivity. The aim of the book is to help raise global attention and advocate for the situation of different women on land.

The coffee table book is produced in English and French and has five chapters. One of the chapters is called “Her Voice” that examines and covers stories from women of the IGAD region, explaining their struggles to retain a connection with the land in order to sustain themselves and their families and communities. For this chapter, Phoenix Design Aid has searched for photos to help find original photos that underpin the written text and illustrate the work of the women, while also be visually appealing for the reader.

For the design of this book, it has been important to conceptualize the design so that it supports and visually communicates the IGAD’s perspective of the intersectionality of women in relation to land and the seven IGAD Member States. An important element in the conceptualization is the book cover which illustrates the face of a woman where a piece of her hair matches the IGAD-logo that highlights the Member States in Eastern Africa. This particular design is also used on the dust jacket of the book, a tote bag and t-shirts that have been designed and produced alongside the book.

A final detail of the book is seen in the hardcover which has the title “HER VOICE” embossed with gold foil.