About theProject


28-page brochure and a trifold leaflet.


Brochure and concept design, graphic design, layout, illustration, infograhipcs, map design, photo research, event materials and planning.


In March 2019, the Joint SDG Fund, a pooled mechanism for strategic financing and transformative policy shifts, launched a call for proposals for joint programmes on integrated policy and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) acceleration with the focus on leaving no one behind and social protection. As part of their social protection initiatives, the Joint SDG Fund needed a uniquely designed brochure and leaflet that could be used at events to communicate their efforts to support countries in accelerating the progress towards the SDGs by integrating economic, social and environmental policies as well as applying multi-dimensional and cross-sectoral approach to complex social challenges.

Thus, they came to Phoenix Design Aid for a modern and colorful approach to the design of the print materials, while relying on us to solve a need to convey dense information in an accessible way. Design techniques and creative out-of-the-box thinking, in addition to photography research, were used as a means by which to successfully meet the client’s specific requirements.