Danish Refugee Council – DEMAC Website

Digital, Web & Apps UX/UI Website Web design

About theProject


Website re-design and update.


UI/UX, concept design and development, user stories, research and analysis, creative concept, information architecture and design documentation.



The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a leading international NGO with specific expertise in forced displacement, offering protection and life-saving humanitarian assistance.

DRC needed help with an update of their DEMAC (Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination) website, diaspora database and crisis mapping system to facilitate contacts, discussion and collaborations between the users and members of the DEMAC network.

It was Phoenix Design Aid’s task to deliver an appealing UI/UX design to help make the website more interactive and user-friendly. This involved UI/UX assessment, research and analysis of the existing DEMAC website in order to understand the needs of the users as well as to help support both diaspora humanitarians and the international humanitarian system. The result of the analysis culminated in the creation of a concept note, unfolding the user-groups, -types, -flow and -stories, design concept and the core website components.