Inter-American Development Bank – Report on Food Security

Graphic Design & Layout Concept Design & Visual Identity Infographics & Illustrations Reports

About theProject




Graphic and concept design, layout, infographics and photo research.


In September 2022, the Inter-American Development Bank asked Phoenix Design Aid to develop the concept design around as well as the graphic design for their Food Security Report in Central America, Panamá, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Haiti.

Starting with the summary of the food security overview in the region and in each of the countries part of it, the report details the politic responses to it and the main perspectives and recommendations.

Aiming to transmit the direct and strong relationship between food security and the human being welfare and development, Phoenix Design Aid identified a nature-based color palette and developed a powerful page layout driven to the attention to key messages.

Additionally, modern and simple infographics were embedded to help sort the different topics as well as provide the readers with a quick and easy overview of the information and numbers. Finally, the people-food relation is also shown by a set of carefully selected photographs.

The report is produced in Spanish and English.