About theProject


NHDR report (288 pages) and two analytical summaries (each 56 pages).


Design, layout and translation of a report in French and two summaries in respectively French and English – as well as printing of 500 reports, 500 French summaries and 200 English summaries and delivery to the Central African Republic.


UNDP has renewed its support to the government of the CAR during the drafting of the third National Human Development Report in 2017.

The theme of the National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2017 is therefore: “Managing natural resources to promote sustainable human development in the Central African Republic (CAR)”. The intention of the report is to describe and analyze the progress made in terms of human development.

We provided the UNDP Central African Republic with graphic design, layout, translation, printing and distribution of the NHDR report and two analytical summaries that all included various types of illustrations, tables and pictures.