UN Environment – Climate-resilient Buildings & Communities Video

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About theProject


Animated video.


Concept development, storyline, screen writing, script writing, character creation, visual concept, storyboard, illustration, animation, music and sound design, video editing, translation, casting and narration in three languages.


To support UN Environment’s practical guide on climate adoption in the building sector, Phoenix Design Aid produced an animated video that presents key objectives of the publication in an engaging manner.

Phoenix Design Aid developed a pitch for the story that showcases how climate change affect families in developing countries, exemplifies how building climate resilient can help locals to adapt to climate change and lists recommended policies and practices to succeed.

Following the pitch, we developed the script and adapted the figures and blueprints from the publication into rich illustrations of three family houses located in three different regions of the world that are challenged by climate change. Each house was populated with a family that implements resilient features tailored to local conditions and practices. Zooming out to community level, the story of the foundation, key drives and benefits of climate-resilient building is explained. In this way, practical advice and storytelling has been merged into an inspirational video on the subject.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzFdMUJFk3I