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Documentary film


Video production and video editing


This project is special to us as we have supported the documentary both financially and on the production level, and therefore we almost see the film as our own. In the film, the viewer follows Auma Obama, the founder of Sauti Kuu, when she explains what the Foundation works for, how they do it and not least why. The film has a strong message which is concerned with improving the living standards throughout Africa by teaching the young people invaluable skills like farming and language. It is the hope that the documentary will expand the knowledge of Sauti Kuu and their work to expand the reach of the Foundation all over Kenya and Africa’s rural areas and change the attitude towards farming.
We assisted Sauti Kuu Foundation with the production of the documentary film. Our services also included recording, editing and mixing the sound. Because the film is relatively long, we also produced various trailers and shorter versions that were on social media.