UN Environment Programme –Virtual event for the Sustainable Consumption Week

Graphic Design & Layout Concept Design Event UN Environment

About theProject


Virtual event.


Event mangement, concept design, visual identity, graphic design and audiovisual production.


The United Nations for the Environment Programme assigned Phoenix Design Aid to provide the design and development of the virtual events for the Sustainable Consumption Week 2021 in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The event was held through Zoom. We generated the Zoom meetings, followed up on registration and confirmations of participation and hosted all sessions while providing technical support.

All events were transmitted live and included the following:

  • Zoom license for webinars and meetings of 1000 participants
  • Streaming on Facebook with no limit of participants
  • Rehearsal with panelists for each meeting
  • Transmission equipment and streaming studio
  • Configuration of simultaneous interpretation rooms
  • Registration database
  • Statistics
  • Chats
  • Recordings
  • Technical support

In addition to the event, we developed a creative concept and graphic pieces to highlight the initiative. We prepared a creative concept reflecting the main message, which was to promote change through initiative and action that leads to transformation. The creative concept included customized illustrations to reflect these aspects in a visually appealing way to engage the audience.

Following the creative concept guidelines, we designed the webinar invitations in both English and Spanish.