About theProject


A series of 13 publications.


Design and layout of a series of 13 publications as well as printing of approximately 10.300 copies with delivery to Liberia.


We provided UN Women with design and layout of different variants of publications. More concretely, it is a series of 13 publications. The publications come in different variations, forms and lengths. Regardless of this, there is still a common thread for the series in terms of layout and design.

Gender and women are the two keywords and focus areas for all the publications. This is, for example, highlighted with the “Peace Huts” publications. The National Peace Huts Women of Liberia was founded in 2004 and aim to help women and former child soldiers to become agents of change in their communities after the country’s civil war. The Peace Huts provide a space for women’s voices to be heard, and in 2018 it got transformed to a formal platform and is registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO).