UNDP Panama – Human Rights campaign for HIV and Tuberculosis awareness 2019-2021

UNDP Panama Campaign Communication Concept Design & Visual Identity Graphic Design & Layout Printing & Distribution

About theProject


Creative concept and posters.


Creative conceptualization, graphic design, art direction of a campaign, including the development of two key messages, graphic design for MUPI and posters as well as printing and advertising of products.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Panama requested technical assistance for the development of a creative concept, design and printing of posters of a Human Rights campaign for HIV and Tuberculosis awareness 2019-2021.

The intention of the project was to strengthen the key populations’ knowledge regarding their human rights and to promote the respect and compliance of those rights at the Magistrate’s courts which are the government body who are responsible for responding and supporting when any incident of aggression the key population may be a victim of. A second objective was to promote inclusion and empathy from the general public towards the key population. Therefore, we developed two messages, one for each audience.

Phoenix Design Aid started with an investigation phase on previous studies and documentation provided by UNDP to identify the main needs that the campaign should cover. After identifying the messages, we developed a creative concept design and designed a variety of posters for each audience group.

The posters were printed and distributed at the different Magistrate’s court offices, while we coordinated the advertising of the campaign (outdoor posters) for 30 days at selected stations of the Metro of Panama.