About theProject


Artistic event with musical and cultural shows.


Event planning, production of merchandise and promotional material.


In August 2019, the 500th anniversary of the Foundation of Panama City will be celebrated. With the purpose of preparing, coordinating and executing the commemorative activities taking place at this anniversary, the Municipal Council of Panama created the “Commission of the 500 years of the Foundation of the City of Panama” which has the support of UNDP as a strategic partner in the implementation of its activities and project. For the client, UNDP, we worked on an artistic event with musical and cultural shows to celebrate the 499th anniversary of Panama City, under the name “Rumba hacia los 500”, in August 2018 as preparation for the big event next year. From the project, we want to highlight the following performances:

  • Hiring artists and hosts for the ceremony.
  • Assisting on various infrastructure issues as part of the event planning such as platform, sound system and backline, lighting system, artists riders, artists’ dressing room, furniture, portable toilets, access structures and other support material.
  • Producing video material.
  • Arranging for private security, DJ service, volunteer’s travel expenses.
  • Assembly and disassembly.
  • Producing merchandising as umbrellas, raincoats and t-shirts.
  • Producing promotional material in terms of jingle, radio spot, television spot and newspaper ads.
  • Event teaser video.

We were also involved in another project for UNDP Panama related to the Comission of the 500 years when we provided services for a window decoration in the International Airport of Panama. Click here to see the case.