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About theProject


Two animated video explainers.


Graphic design, illustration, infographics, video editing, video graphics, video scripting, video storyboarding, visual media production and event materials.


As part of a series of deliverables developed for UNIDO Palestine during their initial Communication Strategy implementation phase, Phoenix Design Aid produced two animated video explainers to be used across media. Primarily, the directive for the two videos was to introduce the MOUSTADAMA Programme and the Palestine CleanTech Innovation Program to the General Public. These two videos were thus scripted, storyboarded and illustrated with the intent of crossing linguistic boundaries without use of voiceovers or subtitles.

Made available in high-quality formats for use at events, as well as in formats for social media and on their website, the videos have been optimized by the client to have far-reaching impact on stakeholders. Meanwhile, the response to the videos has been overwhelmingly positive with the videos proving to successfully inform and engage in a visually entertaining and branded way.

Watch the videos here: