About theProject




The process included concept development, design, web development, CMS implementation and deployment of the responsive website. http://newsroom.unfccc.int/

The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat called for assistance to establish a new and dynamic campaign site to support the secretariat’s push towards an ambitious climate change agreement in Paris in 2015 and beyond. The purpose of the final site is to convey the many activities, the dialogue and debates on climate change the UNFCCC and other stakeholders are involved in.

In the creative development process we put a great emphasis on the users and their needs. Using personas as a method it helped us to create an online user experience mastering the balance between browsing and exploring current activities as well as filtering and finding a specific story. The final outcome was a light weight, tile based design where the content is presented in a positive yet serious way. The website was made responsive so the user experience on every type of device (desktop, tablet and smartphone) is optimal.

The site is implemented in an open source CMS to enable many editors and communicators easy and quick access to post articles, videos and links on a daily basis. At the same time pre-defined modules help in keeping coherent visual appearance of the site. Technical implementation was performed by HTML24.