SUN Joint-Assessment online reporting system

SUN Movement Website HTML PHP Online System UX/UI

About theProject


Website – online reporting system.


Wireframe, design and development of an online reporting system.


For the SUN Movement, we provided services related to developing a platform – a multilingual Joint-Assessment online reporting system.

The Joint-Assessment (JAA) is a participatory process that brings together relevant in-country stakeholders working to scale up nutrition, including representatives from government, civil society, science and academia, donors, the United Nations, businesses and other relevant actors. The platform was developed using HTML, PHP and Asynchronous Javascript (Ajax).

The SUN Movement Secretariat needed a system in order to be able to improve the way of sharing relevant information.

We provided the client with a multilingual Joint-Assessment online reporting system. A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate online Joint-Assessment reporting system is created to support country needs, but also to streamline internal processes and ways of extracting and consolidating information from the ‘back-end’ at the SUN Movement Secretariat.


  • Constant/live updates with progress on each member country.
  • Multi-step forms.
  • Notification system.
  • Uploading of supporting documents and photographs.
  • Tallying function that can be made by country, region or across all countries for progress towards certain processes.
  • An easily accessible and user-friendly online interface.

The website is being used internally in SUN and is login protected. However, please find the link to the website here: