About theProject


Visual Identity, infographics, leaflets, powerpoint presentations, newsletters, posters, banners, post cards, branded promotional materials.


Concept development, design of infographics, iconography, layout, artwork, illustration and photo research.


The Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources (EIOS), led by the Information Systems and Innovation for Public Health Intelligence team at WHO headquarters, is an initiative consisting of a network of organizations with one main and common goal: To minimise the impact of emerging risks to human health.

Phoenix Design Aid was assigned to develop an visual identity guide that is centered around three themes: the overall goal for the EIOS initiative, the EIOS community of practice and capacity building and lastly the EIOS system and technology.

Phoenix Design Aid produced various visuals that include, among other things, posters, post cards, PowerPoint templates, leaflets, infographics and give away items. The design of promotional and advocacy materials had an overall goal: to help EIOS to communicate with three stakeholders: the doners, the community and the general public, wherefore the information level for each stakeholders group is different. The materials for the general public are informative, thus explaining the EIOS initiative and system overall, while the vital point for the materials for the donors and community is to give the readers more in-depth and detailed information, for example, about the community of practice and capacity building.