About theProject

Visual concept design for the Fundamental Rights flagship conference (FRC 2013).

Phoenix Design Aid recently completed a campaign concept for the Fundamental Rights flagship Conference FRC 2013, initiated by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights.

The scope of work for this campaign was to develop a branding concept to attract interest to the subject of Hate Crime. With the agenda and the objectives of this conference in mind, Phoenix Design Aid suggested a strategy in which the key message of the communication material arose from the following key words:

1. Victim support
2. Exchange of ideas and best practices
3. Strengthening of the law/political awareness
4. Engagement/stronger cooperation

We subsequently created a design, a visual concept, which visualised the key elements of the message behind the Hate Crime Conference. This resulted in the branding concept “One Voice, One Face” – a concept that is to be considered a strong visual identity in itself, reflecting an emotional appeal towards the target audience.

The small pictures within the mosaic reflect diversity in race, religion, gender and disability.

For further usage of this concept (banners, video, flyers etc.), please visit: http://fra.europa.eu/en/event/2013/fundamental-rights-conference-2013