Communication on Progress report 2014/15

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Phoenix Design Aid (PDAid) has once again reported its Communication on Progress (COP) at the Advanced Level of the UN Global Compact, involving the fields of sustainability, human rights and anti-corruption. The report is submitted alongside an impressive list of players, including some of the largest companies in Denmark.

Partnerships as a corner stone
PDAid’s mindset is dominated by long-term perspectives with trust-based, long-term partnerships as a corner stone of its business strategy. On its quest to spread this mindset in CSR and sustainable management, the company invests resources in influencing future leaders and decision makers locally, nationally and globally. PDAid’s latest case study is Arab Printing Press, who, with guidance from PDAid, has accomplished the goal of joining the UN Global Compact. In line with the company’s strategy of disseminating knowledge about CSR, PDAid has recently begun developing a Code of Conduct for Design denmark.

A guide to social responsibility
As a graphics company PDAid is responsible for obvious environmental impacts such as paper usage, printing ink and freight across continents. PDAid strives to enhance quality and to make a positive difference in relation to the environment. PDAid accedes some of its impacts by neutralizing all of its CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the company has developed and published a Paper Guide for choosing eco-friendly paper qualities. This has been done in collaboration with its printing partners in response to customer wishes and to give a hands-on experience of the different paper types.

The CSR major league
PDAid continues to support commendable initiatives such as the PDAid Foundation (launched by PDAid in March 2015), the Kilimanjaro Initiative, Be My Eyes, the Nelson Mandela Bangles program and The World’s Best News. These initiatives are documented in the recent Advanced Level Global Compact report. Only a number of 1616 companies in the world have reported CSR initiatives at the Advanced Level, whereas more than 22000 companies report on the Active- and Learners Level. Among the Advanced Level reports, less than 10 are of Danish origin, proving PDAid as a major driver in CSR globally and in Denmark.

View the PDAid COP 14/15 in full here.

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Dennis Lundø Nielsen, CEO, Phoenix Design Aid A/S: +45 2141 0906