Phoenix Design Aid publishes new Communication on Progress report

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Phoenix Design Aid (PDAid) just published its 11th UNGC Communication on Progress. The report is an integral part of PDAid’s CSR management model, serving as information and inspiration to companies, stakeholders and associations wishing to learn more about the company’s business approach, particularly its take on engaging sustainability and CSR in daily operations. Developing on last year’s approach, the new report adopts information on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and connects PDAid’s initiatives and activities in the reporting period to the SDGs. And, an “SDG Hall of Fame” is introduced.

Since 2007, PDAid has consistently supported the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. In the end of September 2018, the company submitted its annual Communication on Progress report, representing the sixth report to meet UN Global Compact requirements at advanced level. This years’ report communicates progress in PDAid’s range of initiatives undertaken within the fields of sustainability and CSR during the period October 2017 to September 2018.


On page 17 in the Sustainability report, PDAid introduces the “SDG Hall of Fame”.

PDAid has developed the SDG approach from last year and further integrated information on SDG activities and initiatives. As last year, the appliance of the SDG icons dominates the visual expression and in addition, page 17 in the report presents an “SDG Hall of Fame” showing selected PDAid activities from 2011-2017 connected to the SDGs. Following the “Hall of Fame”, readers will find five different cases with connection to the SDGs and sustainability. Through this dispositioning, PDAid shows how they work with SDGs in everything they do and thereby matching the subheading of the report.

This year’s report also introduced the section “Corporate News” with updates from the offices in Randers, Nairobi and Panama City. Moreover, the report reveals that an office in New York is underway thus underlining the company’s expertise in working with different cultures through local offices. The management system incorporated from the office in Randers governs all PDAid offices and representatives to secure environmental friendly production, climate neutrality and sustainability throughout the PDAid Group, and according to CEO Dennis Lundø Nielsen, this is the key:

“Phoenix Design Aid’s platform in Randers is very stable, and therefore we are very happy to spread to the local areas in Panama and Kenya. For us, the key to success is to mix Danish expertise and know-how with local expert knowledge of the market.”

From going over the report, readers will gain an overall impression of PDAid’s operation and activities, including facts, case descriptions and clarifications on the fulfilment of the company’s targets and goals. In the appendix, the company’s management model is explained in detail and an extract from the Code of Conduct is presented. All this serve as information and inspiration to companies, stakeholders and associations wishing to learn more about PDAid’s business approach, particularly the take on engaging sustainability, SDGs and CSR in daily operations.

The PDAid Communication on Progress 2017-18 is available for reading online, and the company with be distributing printed versions among key stakeholders.

To learn more about PDAid’s SDG activities and to access the 2018 Sustainability Report, check out the website at

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