Phoenix Design Aid sets up subsidiary in Panama

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For years, Phoenix Design Aid have cooperated with UN agencies, organizations, and NGOs all over the world – and now, customer demand for local presence in Central and South America has led to the establishment of a subsidiary in Panama.

With the launch of the subsidiary, the management in Phoenix Design Aid wish to realize their objectives of growth and bringing in Danish know-how, creating local jobs and raising awareness of Danish standards within environment, working environment, social responsibility and quality.

Domicile in the City of Knowledge


On January 14, CEO Dennis Lundø Nielsen met the partners in Panama for a networking event officially marking the opening of Phoenix Design Aid Panama S.A.

Phoenix Design Aid delivers graphic design solutions for international and intergovernmental organizations, including United Nations and European Union, NGOs and public authorities. Thus, the subsidiary in Panama, Phoenix Design Aid Panama S.A., will be serving customers in South and Central America.

The new company is located in the capital Panama City, which, among other things, is known for the City of Knowledge – a Government-supported cluster of academic organizations, technology companies and non-governmental organizations. And, it is here, among both existing and potential customers and partner that Phoenix Design Aid Panama S.A. is based.

Increasing interest in Danish know-how

It has only been a little more than a year since Phoenix Design Aid decided to open a representative sales office in Panama, and now the Danish company is ready with the establishment of the subsidiary. CEO and owner of Phoenix Design Aid, Dennis Lundø Nielsen, is thrilled as the opening of the new company means further contribution of spreading Danish know-how within the field of environment and climate in the business of graphic communication and design services.

“We’ve experienced great success with Phoenix Design Aid’s sales office in Panama, where the turnover the first 12 months was approx. 900,000 USD. It is the result of our cooperation with, among others, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of a great interest in our competences, unique in this part of the world because of our strong environmental profile. Therefore, we simply cannot escape from having a local presence to be able to meet the huge demand,” Dennis Lundø Nielsen says.

Creating local jobs

Phoenix Design Aid’s services are targeted niche markets and stand out from their competitors for the strong environmental profile. Like the parent company, the new subsidiary is also certified in the fields of social responsibility (DS 49001), quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), working environment (OHSAS 18001), FSC CoC™. and carbon neutrality.

“I am delighted that we, with the creation of the new Panama office, will take part in training local staff to work with our certified systems and at the same time, creating local jobs in a company focusing on sustainability, climate and environment, ” Dennis Lundø Nielsen says.

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To the left, Project Manager Lourdes Sandoval and to the right, Country Manager Montserrat Valeiras Taboada.

So far, two employees are working in Phoenix Design Aid’s office in Panama City, which officially opened on 14 January. Going forward, it will be the two employees, who, in collaboration with the subsidiary’s 18 local partners, will deal with various tasks in the field of visual design and communication, including a wide range of total solutions embracing design, layout, translation, printing and implementation of digital services.

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