About theProject


Report, executive summary, press kit folder, Factsheets, posters and Roll ups in English & French versions.


Design, layout, print and distribution with emphasis on supporting the message through data visualization, including infographics. All products created in English and French versions. Services provided under tight schedules and delivered express to Launch in Nairobi and well as distribution through UN Pouch for Country offices.


The 2016 Africa Human Development Report “Accelerating Gender Equality and Women´s Empowerment in Africa” were launched in Nairobi end of August 2016. The report reviews the ongoing efforts of African countries to accelerate the pace of assuring women´s empowerment through all spheres of society, in home and community, in health and educational attainment, in the workplace and in the political participation and leadership. The AFHDR 2016 provides a framework for operationalizing SDG 5 on Gender equality in particular, and all the SDGs in General. Read more here.