UNIDIR – Middle East Weapons of mass destruction free zone

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About theProject


Publication series.


Concept design, graphic design and layout, illustration and infographics, photo research and localization in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.


In 2019, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), with the support of the European Union, launched a comprehensive project to examine the historical context, perspectives and prospects for a Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction-Free Zone (ME WMDFZ) through research, dialogue and capacity building.

Throughout 2022 and until the end of the project in June 2023, Phoenix Design Aid provided graphic design services for the publication series that disseminate the project’s findings.

The deliverables include over 10 documents and reports with a total of more than 500 pages, some of which have also been localized in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.

For this concept, Phoenix Design Aid’s designers focused on creating a visual appeal that would allow different types of output, to stay fresh and yet recognizable across the entire series and offer engaging long reading sessions allowing the authors’ intellectual material to unfold.

Phoenix Design Aid’s dedicated team of designers focused on creating a visually appealing and versatile design that maintains a fresh and recognizable identity throughout the entire series. The goal was to engage readers in long and stimulating reading sessions, allowing the authors’ insights to unfold.