About theProject


Visual identity and graphic materials.


Concept design, graphic design and illustration.


Phoenix Design Aid had the privilege of creating the visual identity for the SUN Movement Regional Gathering for Latin America and the Caribbean held in Panama City in December 2022. The goal was to develop a compelling and consistent visual language that would effectively convey the significance and purpose of the event to align and address the pressing issues related to nutrition in the region.

The visual language builds on a traditional regional pattern and incorporates vibrant colors which together represent the diversity of the region while maintaining a cohesive and harmonious overall look that serves to capture the essence of the gathering and its message: “Una región, un objetivo” (One region, one goal).

To support the main message and engage the audience effectively, we also created a series of graphic assets. These materials include backdrops, banners, flags, posters for spatial decoration, office templates, brochures, social media graphics to communicate at and around the event, giveaway items (such as stickers, notebooks and water bottles) and photo-op assets, all designed to convey the event’s purpose and inspire action.

Our team prepared a comprehensive brand manual that serves as a guide for all visual communication associated with the event. It outlines the correct usage of the logo, color palette, typography and other design elements, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation across all materials. It also serves as a guide for the SUN communication team as well as the local event production company when printing and decorating the venue.

The visual identity has played a pivotal role in spreading awareness and engaging participants. By consistently applying the brand elements and tagline across various materials and platforms, we have facilitated a strong and memorable visual presence for the event.