UNV – ‘Partner Up for Volunteers’ campaign

Graphic Design & Layout Concept Design Campaign Illustration Social Media UNV

About theProject


Campaign branding and guidelines, templates for brochures and presentations and graphic assets for video, web and social media.


Concept design and development, graphic design, art direction, illustration and animation.


Phoenix Design Aid provides graphic design services to the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) within a formalized framework contract and has had the pleasure of developing a series of campaign assets for the ‘Partner Up for Volunteers’ donor campaign.

The aim with was to create awareness and ultimately promote the contribution to and support of the donor campaign. This is, for example, evident through the use of the hashtag #PartnerUp, a vital element of the visual communication that is implemented across all campaign assets.

The campaign includes a range of assets, including a brochure, a PowerPoint template, social media cards and web banners, which are usable on various platforms, enabling UNV to reach a broader target audience.

Throughout the design phase, Phoenix Design Aid provided guidance on the visual communication to help make sure that the assets could convey messages as intended and reach the target audiences.