CIFI – Sustainability report on the Dominican Infrastructure Investment Fund 2023

Graphic Design & Layout Editing Video, Animations & Explainers Photo Reports

About theProject


Sustainability report, video, photographs and a PowerPoint presentation.


Graphic design, layout, content generation, editing, development of a creative concept, video production and editing and photography.


Phoenix Design Aid had the pleasure of working together with CIFI for the first time in 2022, for the creation and development of their sustainability report 2023. The main goal of the report was to present the Dominican Infrastructure Investment Fund and its four projects, including their economic and positive impact.

Phoenix Design Aid started by programming and organizing the editing and content generation for the report. In this case, CIFI provided some information, but we also did some research and held some interviews with different stakeholders to generate new content as well as edit the text to help keep a human touch in the report, supported by an elegant style.

Meanwhile, the production team traveled to the Dominican Republic to visit the projects and generated +100 photos and lots of audiovisual material. Here, they also conducted interviews with workers, executives and people from each community, including local authorities.

Phoenix Design Aid delivered an interesting group of photos and a 7-minute video, that summarizes the status of each project, including their financial data and positive impact histories. Furthermore, CIFI needed a PowerPoint presentation to use in their annual meeting, so Phoenix Design Aid extracted and edited some information from the report. In addition to this, the graphic line from the report has been integrated into the PowerPoint to streamline the visual communication.

Phoenix Design Aid also had the pleasure of printing 300 copies of the report that CIFI delivered to their clients and different stakeholders in Panama and the Dominican Republic.