About theProject


Annual reports.


Concept development, graphic design, infographics, layout, photo search and artwork.


Since 2021, Pheonix Design Aid has had the great pleasure of designing the annual reports for the Human Rights Mainstreaming Multi-Donor Trust Fund (the HRM Fund) which showcases the fund’s achievements within various areas, for example the Sustainable Development Goals, and provides an overview of operational performances of the respective year.

Each report is designed in a simple and appealing design with the aim of providing the readers with a quick overview by the use of various figures that illustratively convey the various achievements and performances of the HRM Fund.

The 2022 report focuses on building rights-based foundations for development. It was Phoenix Design Aid’s finest task to help visually display the key results of the HRM Fund in 2022 by, for example, developing various charts and diagrams. The report is created in a clean design and layout to help the readers get a quick overview of the content which is supported by a careful selection of photos which underpin the key messages of the report.