IRENA – Video and photo coverage of B20 – G20 Dialogue

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About theProject


Video and photo assets.


Videography, photography, video editing, visual media production, drone capture and production.


Under the collaboration between B20 and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), especially with the Energy, Sustainability and Climate Task force, IRENA is supporting the Indonesia G20 Presidency.

In line with this activity, Phoenix Design Aid was assigned to capture footage and imagery of IRENA Director-General (DG) at the 2022 B20 – G20 Dialogue in Jakarta which was attended by global business leaders along with ministers from Indonesia and other G20 countries. Over the course of three days, we followed the DG to a variety of locations, some of which were also captured via drone, to highlight activities that would be relevant for sharing on social media. Part of the assignment was to produce a 30-second summary product that could be used within 24 hours of the event’s conclusion, as well as to hand over images at the end of each of the shoot days. The crew therefore worked and edited quickly and efficiently to provide IRENA with real-time assets that could posted while the topic was live.

It is possible to view a 30-sec social media summary video here: