UNFCCC – Climate Dialogue branded visuals 

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About theProject


Branded visuals for virtual meetings.


Brand/Visual Identity, Concept Design, Graphic Design, Illustrations and Animation.


The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to convert events into virtual meetings. This also affected the setting for the Climate Dialogues that was held as virtual meetings. Phoenix Design Aid’s finest task was to help brand the virtual space of the meetings and thus support the virtual framework around the set-up with several branded elements.

Phoenix Design Aid produced various branded visuals that include, among other things, animations and visuals for video, virtual meetings, website and a motion graphic to extend the existing UNFCCC animated logo. All elements are interrelated by a branded and visual identity. Together, they support the overall theme and topic for the meetings which is centered around climate.

The logo has a significant importance and meaning for the overall brand identity of the Climate Dialogues. The logo consists of a newton cradle that is used as a graphic element for the virtual meetings where the newton cradle is swinging, thus symbolizing a countdown before the start of the meeting. In addition, it demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy which suits the overall aim of the Climate Dialogues.