About theProject


Website, Microsite, Database, Interactive Map, Graphs, WordPress.


Interface design, Wireframes, Fronted Implementation, API/Database development, WP.


For SUN Movement, we provided services related to development of a platform – a filter tool for nutrition investment research displaying the SUN countries nutrition investment figures. The platform was developed using HTML, PHP and Asynchronous Javascript (Ajax).

The background for this project was a desire to track nutrition investments better. The SUN Movement team wanted a visualization tool with their country budget allocations and expenditures for 41 countries, which has to be updated by the SUN Secretariat Data Manager every year.

The SUN Countries are working towards demonstrating a better use of finance data through improved advocacy, planning and impact which will lead to increased resources from both domestic and external sources. They do this by regularly and transparently tracking nutrition budget allocations against multi-sectoral nutrition plans.

Phoenix Design Aid have delivered a tool for better measurement of nutrition financing – means a better use of nutrition resources for reaching the most vulnerable populations, and stronger advocacy cases. With the new visualization filter tool, we have provided the SUN Movement with an interactive responsive website with a map, powerful filters and inspiring tables, charts and easy data management that will improve the process of analyzing and visualize the nutrition tracking data. The platform has been built for large datasets and can easily be filtered and downloaded.

Features within the website:

  • The platform is built for large datasets and currently holds 4,000-5,000 entries
  • Ability to bulk upload and update entries
  • Interactive responsive website with map, powerful filters and inspiring tables, charts and easy data management
  • Downloadable excel file of filtered data
  • Powerful chart engine that changes in real-time
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate, and well-integrated database

Please visit the database website here: https://idb.scalingupnutrition.org/