About theProject


Virtual workspace (Sharepoint)

Main features:
● Self-registration and user management system
● Workflows for approval of various kinds of material
● Interactive media database
● Organization pages
● Interactive discussion forum (with an option for moderation by administrators)
● Calendar of events
● Information hub
● Expert Database
● Project spaces

Link to site: http://www4.unfccc.int/sites/enet/SitePages/Home.aspx


Concept, Design, Frontend, Sharepoint implementation, Training and Support.


The CGE implemented a web-based network of experts in 2012, which was seen as a critical tool for the provision of technical assistance to non-Annex I Parties, in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, as well as a web-based virtual workspace for the CGE members to have a centralized working place to conduct the work of the group. Since its establishment on the SharePoint web application, a number of challenges became evident, and in 2016 Phoenix Design Aid helped provide an improved version of the existing collaborative platforms to leverage uptake and utilization in terms of design, usability, accessibility and functionality.

The virtual workspace now has 2 layers: The e-Network is a web platform that was designed for experts involved in the process and preparation of national reports from non-Annex I Parties, whereas the CGE virtual workspace platform was designed for and only accessible to the CGE members as a virtual collaboration tool.