About theProject


Design guideline and branding materials.


Concept and graphic design, visual identity, iconography, infographics, illustration, animations, layout, typesetting, printing and binding.


The Crop Trust’s mission is to ensure humanity conserves and make the world’s crop diversity for future food security available.

In 2021, the Crop Trust looked to refresh its visual identity and overall branding image to better reflect the tone and nature of the organization. This also includes a refresh of materials that can be used on the organization’s website and future events.

Phoenix Design Aid created a design guideline, consisting of a refreshed logo, introduction of new fonts, color palette, icons and layout. The guideline presents examples of logo usage, logo color combinations and design examples and thus acts as an internal guideline to help the Crop Trust communicate in harmony.

For example, the icons have been designed specifically for the Crop Trust, and they can be used both in internal and external communication as they represent the resources (crops) that the Crop Trust is working with. Internally, each employee is matched with an icon on their business cards.

Alongside the design guideline, Phoenix Design Aid designed a number of branding materials – such as backdrops, banners, envelopes, business cards, roll-ups, PowerPoint templates, among others – all of which can be used right away and represents the look and feel that is presented in the design guideline.